6 reasons to choose fully finished cladding

1. High Quality Surface Treatment

Fully finished cladding saves time and money on the construction site. Panels do not require any surface treatment on site, helping you to optimize the construction time. The paint is applied in a controlled, modern factory environment within 60 hours of planing. The moisture, air temperature and the paint application is monitored at all times resulting in top class finish. Also the back of the panels are protected in order to prevent damages due to moisture which can condense from the building. With fully finished cladding maintenance painting can wait up to 10-20 years.

2. Protection against water damage 

The tongue and groove system of fully finished cladding has been developed to enable invisible fastenings. The tongue and groove fastening flange of each panel is hidden underneath the next panel creating a smooth facade and increasing the cladding’s durability. There is no need to touch-up nail heads that may surface over time or decay the surrounding wood by allowing deep water penetration.

3. Less material waste

In construction, time is money, but materials are not free either. The end matched cladding ensures that installation waste is kept to a minimum. End matching allows for flexible joint placement that is not bound to studs. The waste decreases because next row can be started with the left over piece from the previous row. Without end matching, up to 10 panels out of a hundred are wasted, while using end matched panels the loss is only 1-3 panels out of a hundred.

4. Savings in construction costs

When using fully finished exterior cladding, the biggest savings for the builder come from the elimination of painting costs. Thanks to the fully treated finish and hidden fastening, the cladding needs no further surface treatment after installation. The advantage is the saved working time and the fact that the installation can be done in late autumn or even in winter. Next summer, there is no need to re-rent and erect scaffolding and wait for suitable weather and painters for painting job.

5. Attractive colors and shapes

A facade needs to be carefully designed and implemented. When choosing an exterior cladding panel, start the project by considering whether you want to install the panels vertically or horizontally. The vertical cladding emphasizes the height of the outer wall, where the horizontal paneling highlights the width of the building. The dimensions of the exterior cladding panel have also effect on the appearance of the facade. The widths of the exterior cladding panels range from 95 millimeters to 280 millimeters. You can mix different widths on a façade or choose only one. Last but not least is the color. In addition to hundreds of solid colors there are 6 beautiful natural tones with extreme durability. Read more about durable translucent finish.

6. High quality surface treatment with warranty

Fully finished TOPCOAT® exterior cladding has been manufactured for more than 10 years. TOPCOAT® cladding has been used both in large public properties and private homes. We provide a 15-year warranty for fully finished TOPCOAT® exterior cladding. The hidden fastening of our cladding improves the durability of the façade and the industrially applied paint layers guarantee long-term protection against the UV radiation and moisture.

Learn more about the warranty

How to install the cladding with hidden fastening?

TOPCOAT® is a fully finished cladding panel with hidden fastening. Hidden fastening enables a completely nail-free façade. Hidden fastening also improves weather resistance, because water and impurities cannot seep through nail heads and damage the wood. Every TOPCOAT® cladding piece is end matched to allow for flexible joint placement.  Due to hidden fastening and end matching, TOPCOAT® cladding does not require any on-site painting after installation.