Siparila Oy is a professional wood supplier from Northern Europe that specializes in supplying quality building materials. Inspired by the potential of the natural materials around us, we are constantly developing new ways to beautifully integrate wood products in interior and exterior design. We know that wood is an excellent material for creating vivid surfaces and individual solutions.

Timber Age has begun

Wood is taking over from steel and concrete as the architectural wonder material of the 21st century. Building in wood is super fast, super accurate, and also makes the most amazingly beautiful spaces. Climate change demands building solutions with low energy and low carbon footprints. As a renewable material wood offers us a new way to think about the future building.

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Wooden buildings store CO2

Wooden buildings are long-term carbon stores. Each cubic metre of wood used contains about one tonne of carbon dioxide that has been extracted out of the atmosphere by the tree. It has been estimated that a private house can hold up about 30 tonnes of CO2 from the air. This is the same amount of CO2 emissions caused by average motorist in ten years. The longer the building is in use, the longer the carbon stays out of the atmosphere.

Also the manufacturing of wooden products causes fewer CO2 emissions than other building materials. The amount of CO2 stored in wood is much more than the emissions caused by the manufacture of wood products. In the end of wood product’s life cycle wood is converted to energy. Also by then wood don’t release more CO2 into the atmosphere than it stored while the wood was growing.

Source: Building Information Group RT environmental reports


Sustainable and strong material

Wood is a durable and sustainable choice for interior and exterior siding material. Trees grow slowly in the Scandinavian soil due to the cold climate, which produces solid trees with tight growth rings and a straight grain. This makes the Nordic wood stronger, lighter and more durable than other materials.