Build your own visor on the terrace

The pentice on the terrace gives your own peace

The terrace visor built of  grille laths is an elegant extension to the facade of the house. Wooden grilles give lightness to the steep surface of a stone house or naturally continue the soft line of a wooden house. The interesting shapes and chamfers of the grille laths give many possibilities for what kind of vision protection is built on the terrace. Our selection includes clear-lined parellogram and more multidimensional laths. They are also pre-painted! The standard shades of the laths are white, gray and brown, but we make grille boards on request in all shades that cover the exterior paint map.

valmiiksi maalattu kestokuultava ulkoverhouspaneeli

Suitable height of the pentice for the terrace

When starting to design a pentice for your patio it is important to think about how high and wide the pentice should be. A 1.2 to 1.5 meter high pentice is sufficient to provide visual protection for the occupant. The visibility barrier must be at least 1.8 meters to also protect a standing person from sight. The higher the visual barrier of the terrace the stronger support structures it requires. The opacity of the visor to be built on the terrace is also increased by the frequency with which the grille laths are installed in the frame boards.

kestokuultava valmiiksi maalattu ulkoverhouspaneeli

The pentice fence brings security to the terrace

When building a terrace safety must also be considered. Height differences between the yard and the terrace or stairs leaving the terrace should always be fenced. The visor can also act as a fence on the terrace. The visor fence for the terrace can be as high from start to finish. Or the look of the fence can be lightened by gradually lowering the height of the visor fence. A fence built from grille laths is airier in appearance than a fence built with traditional fence boards. Be sure to check with the building inspectorate if there are any restrictions on the height of the fence in your municipality.

Siparila säleikkörima 28x68 piharakentamiseen

Build a personal visor for your yard from grille laths and plants

A visor can equally be built in the yard. When the visor is built in the yard grille laths and shrubs as well as trees can be boldly combined. The visor built from the grille laths can turn into a flowering hedge for a while and in the middle of which grows a tree with a beautiful color. This brings softness to the overall look of the fence. The frame boards of the visor built into the yard should be attached to metal posts that sink into the ground, which improves the durability of the fence. Wood immersed directly in the ground decays rapidly due to the moisture in the ground.

What is needed to build a pentice on the terrace?

The pentice for the terrace is built quickly and easily. Frame posts and grille laths are required for construction. Grille laths have many different options in terms of shape and shade. The shapes of the laths vary in width and chamfer which have an effect on the overall appearance of the visor. The pentice for the terrace can be built of parallelogram-shaped laths with opposite sides of equal length or diagonal strips with varying side lengths.

Parallelogram laths: grille lath 28 × 68 mm and grille laths 40 × 42 mm
Diagonal laths: grille lath 28 × 45/30 mm and grille lath 42 × 42/32 mm

valmiiksi maalattu kestokuultava ulkoverhouspaneeli

Because the grille laths are pre-painted the frame posts should be pre-painted before attaching the boards. The laths are attached to the frame posts with screws. If the pentice for the terrace is high, you should make sure that the visor is firmly attached to the terrace or the ground. The visor must be able to withstand the wind and must not fall over the leaning.

Fixings and cutting surfaces should be painted with plenty of paint to prevent moisture from being absorbed into the wood. Absorption of moisture into the wood may cause the paint surface to crack. When attaching the laths, it is advisable to use a stencil which can be, for example, a piece sawn from a board. The stencil ensures that the spacing of the laths is equal. The location of the laths can also be dimensioned and marked on the frame post.