Fire protection treatment enables the use of wood in demanding applications

Fire protection makes it possible to use wood more widely in various constructions. In fire protection of wooden construction products, the fire resistance time of the building is increased. Construction products are treated in such a way that in the event of a fire the treatment slows down the combustion of the material. Siparila's fire-retardant TOPCOAT exterior cladding panels are the highest safe exterior cladding panels with the highest fire protection rating. They are pre-painted and have a convenient concealed attachment!

Exterior cladding panels with the highest fire protection rating are safe

Siparila’s fire-protected exterior cladding panels are among the highest fire ratings for wooden construction products. The Reaction-to-Fire classification (B-s1, d0) for wooden construction products allows the use of wood in buildings with the highest P1 fire class. Based on fire safety regulations the buildings are divided into three fire categories, P1, P2 and P3. The fire-protected wooden building material is suitable for the facade material of both wooden and precast apartment buildings as well as public wooden buildings such as nursing homes and schools.

The properties of fireproof wood are as follows:

B = The product has little effect on the development of fire

s1 = Smoke generation in case of fire is very low

d0 = No flammable pieces or droplets are released from the product

The pre-painted exterior cladding panel has numerous benefits

1. Safe and durable

The highest class of fire protection and the pre-painted surface make the panels safe and durable.


2. Quick and easy

Faster and easier because just installation is enough – on the construction site you only need to paint the cutting surfaces.

3. An affordable option

An affordable option because you don’t have to pay for painting.



4. Consistently beautiful result

The evenly beautiful result is created thanks to the finished uniform paint surface and concealed fastening.

Industrial fire protection is a guarantee of quality

The fire protection treatment of wood construction products improves the fire resistance properties of wood. In the event of a fire the surface treatment substances form a film on the surface of the wood which foams under the influence of high temperature. The foamed surface has good thermal insulation which slows down the ignition of the wood material significantly.

High-quality fire protection treatment is carried out under industrially closely controlled conditions. In industrial treatment it is possible to standardize the temperature and humidity conditions and to precisely determine the application rate of the surface treatment substance. Adequate thickness of the fire protection film ensures that the wood construction product meets the fire resistance requirements set for it. The advantage of industrial treatment is that the surface treatment substance is evenly applied to all surfaces of the panel.

Fire-protected exterior cladding panels must always be CE-marked. The CE marking is conditional on the fire protection product used being approved by an authorized research institute and the factory carrying out the surface treatment being approved by an external certifier. Siparila uses water-borne flame retardants in its panels. The application rates of flame retardants are closely monitored during the surface treatment process by weighing. Inspecta Kiwa audits Siparila’s fire protection process twice a year.

Valmiiksi maalattu, piilokiinnitettävä Topcoat-S ulkoverhouspaneeli. Puukuokka Jyväskylä.

Advantages of industrial fire protection treatment for wooden construction products

  • Enables wood surfaces in P1-fire class buildings
  • Ensures the circumference of the wood panel and verifies the application rate of the flame retardant to be applied
  • Industrially fire-retardant construction products can save on construction costs
  • Fire protection treatment improves the coverage of the surface treatment
  • Flame retardant contains preservatives that prevent the growth of mold, algae and other microbes on the surface of the wood. A separate wood preservative is then unnecessary.
  • Fireproof wood cladding has good weather resistance
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The cheapest option because you don’t have to pay painting costs

The fire-protected TOPCOAT exterior cladding panels are pre-painted so there is no cost of surface painting on site. The maintenance painting interval is influenced by the chosen color tone and the architectural details of the building such as the eaves length and which side the surface is facing. The maintenance painting interval for translucent shades is shorter than for opaque shades. Also, the south side of the paint is consumed by UV irradiation faster than the north side walls.


Palosuojattu ulkoverhouspaneeli Topcoat-S. KOAS Seminaarinmäki
Antikankaan monitoimitalossa on käytetty palosuojattua paneelia julkisivussa suorareunaisena UTS profiilina

An evenly beautiful result is created with the finished paint surface and concealed attachment

You get a completely nail-free facade because the shape of the panels keeps the nails/staples hidden under the counterpoint. Fire-retardant TOPCOAT exterior cladding panels are made of durable northern spruce and do not twist due to their thick shape.

4 steps to finished exterior cladding:

  1. Choose your preferred exterior cladding products
  2. Install the panels into place
  3. The facade is ready when the last panel is in place
  4. Maintenance painting should only be done after 10-15 years
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Risks you avoid by using a Pre-Painted Exterior Cladding:

1. Moisture does not enter the wood cell

Moisture does not enter the wood cell from the nails because they are hidden under the tongues. In nail-on panels the nail bases break the paint surface which let moisture get into the wood.

2. Mold does not stay under the paint layers

Mold does not remain under the paint layers because the industrial surface treatment prevents mold damage to the panels.

3. Painting weather will not ruin your exterior cladding

You can’t ruin the exterior cladding of your house because of its poor painting. This is because our pre-painted exterior cladding panels do not need to be painted on site. Only cutting surfaces require treatment.

4. Construction doesn’t stop waiting for right weather for painting

Construction does not stop due to waiting for the right kind of weather for painting. If the humidity is above 80% then the paint will not dry evenly and may crack. Too cold or too hot weather will prevent the paint from sticking evenly. The sunshine dries the paint too quickly, so it does not have time to adhere to the wood well enough.

5. The paint does not start to flake

The paint does not flake or crack due to incorrect paint, painting technique or weathering.

Installation is easy

Siparila TOPCOAT panels are concealed and fire-protected exterior cladding panels. A completely pre-painted exterior cladding speeds up construction. Thanks to the hidden nailing of the panels the only step in construction is the installation. TOPCOAT panels are also end-matched, allowing flexible connection as the installation progresses. Exterior cladding panels do not require surface treatment on site.

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