LARCH - wood at its most authentic

Larch is a very durable and hard building material with natural properties. It contains nature’s own preservatives such as resins and minerals. We make hardwood exterior cladding panels and terrace boards. Larch exterior cladding can be fireproof or treated with translucent wood protection.
Concealed cladding

Weatherproof facade

Exterior cladding panels made of larch create a natural look for the facade. Larch panels are made for concealed TOPCOAT profiles. The shape of the panels allows for a concealed fastening that leaves the nail heads hidden and water cannot damage the wood from the fastening marks. The result is a durable, nail-free facade. Note that the larch turns gray over time.

Natural wood surface

Larch does not need a surface treatment in outdoor conditions as it lasts about 20-30 years without disintegration when there’s not direct contact with the ground. Untreated larch turns gray in about 2-3 years due to sunlight and moisture. The color changes first from the points that are most exposed to the weather and evens out depending on the conditions within a few years. Wood graying can be slowed by treating the wood with translucent wood preservatives. In order to keep the larch surfaces durable and attractive it is important to remember to check them annually for damage. If necessary, wash dirt and contaminants off the surface of the wood. We manufacture larch exterior cladding panels for concealed TOPCOAT exterior cladding panels UTS and UTV formats as well as terrace boards in several different widths.

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