HABITARE2019: New Ideas for Home Décor

New ideas for home décor

At the Autumn 2019 Habitare Fair, designers have created wonderful new ideas for home décor by using Siparila interior panels. Wood can be used to decorate the home interior with a touch of nature, or to create individual eye-catching effects. The wood is allowed now to retain its natural look.

Responsible choices

Responsibility is emphasized in the Avotakka Magazine showroom. Designed by Petri Salmela, Dog Design, the wood is part of a fascinating layered interior design. The material choices are made with a focus on interior design that emphasizes sustainable values. Wood has been used in interior decoration as effect walls and as a peaceful frame for decoration.

The KOO4 interior panel, designed by Kari Lappalainen, invites you to read the morning paper and relax after a day at work. The light birch interior panel is a perfect contrast for the deep blue wall allowing you to tune your interior with trends that change over time.

The PALA panel, designed by Janne Tyynismaa, lets the imagination to fly. Petri Salmela has created an effect using PALA panel that captures the attention. The panel is installed with adhesive which makes it easy to change the paneling direction. The PALA panel is made of birch.

Even though Habitare fair is all about the interior decoration, this year there is also a good chance to get in touch with new façade element. PLATTA façade elements are 265 mm wide and are available in three different lengths. So if you want to clad your façade with wood but want something new, PLATTA is definitely a choice to consider.

At the counters, stop by to admire the VALO panel. The beautifully simple surface of the VALO panel, designed by Heli Mäkiranta, creates the impression of a lath-like interior. You can attach an LED strip to the open seams between the panels and hide the lights.

Warm Brown  Decoration

At ASUN magazine stand, the warm brown paneling surrounds the decoration. The new brown color, designed by Editor-in-Chief Ulla Koskinen, emphasizes the naturalness of the wood and creates a contrast to the decoration.

The VIRE panel in brown, created in collaboration with celebrated Finnish designer Ristomatti Ratia, brings classical elegance to decoration. The warm brown invites you to stop by and calm down for a moment. The finish will vary throughout the day depending on the light and angle.

The warm brown has been used on top of the KOO2 panel designed by Kari Lappalainen. Modern and minimalist, the KOO has been created to transcend trends and time. The carefully-crafted design brings together three different elements to form a single harmonious finish. KOO2 paneling is also beautiful in natural birch.  The birch can be used as a decoration material for dry interiors as well as for saunas and washrooms.

Combine wood with other interior materials

Habitarematerials is a new kind of interactive material library at Habitare, where visitors can explore surface materials and experiment with combinations of different materials for their projects and purchases. The concept is implemented and curated by NEMO architects Jussi Laine and Maria Laine together with Avotakka magazine.

The goal is to provide a participative exhibition experience for the visitors, increase material awareness and enable a new way of participation for material manufacturers. Attention should also be paid to the storage of small samples of material. The table, designed by Jussi and Maria Laine, is made of VIRE and KOO panels. The table offers interesting details depending on the viewing angle.