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Nursing homes for seniors

In western countries, the population is getting older and needs nursing homes. While wood is known as a durable and sustainable material, it also creates a home-like feeling. The latest research shows that environments with wood helps keep seniors more socially active. People tend to have a positive emotional reaction to wood and wood environments, most commonly describing a room with a lot of wood details and furnishings as “warm,” “comfortable,” “relaxing,” “natural,” and “inviting/welcoming.”  It appears that wood has the potential to have a positive effect on people’s wellbeing.

Siparila topcoat siding


When it comes to building projects, time is money. This is why Siparila Topcoat has been chosen for many nursing home facades. Combining the CLT-structures and Siparila Topcoat siding creates versatile facades and unique designs. Because Siparila Topcoat siding does not need any further treatment on the site, has fixed lengths, and every piece is end-matched, the building’s construction can be finished faster than with traditional sidings.

Siparila topcoat siding with fire-retardant surfacing

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