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House by the Sea

Luvia, Finland
Kalle Oikari

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VIRE-interior panel
USVA-interior panel
House by the Sea
KOO2-interior panel
KOO4-interior panel

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Interior panel

Built on the seafront in Luvia Finland, the sauna cabin changed its shape and turned into a permanent home for a family with children. The multidimensional house is decorated in soft tones and wooden panels have special role in every space. The house is designed for comfort and function. The everyday life and safety are important issues for a family with children. Large enough utility rooms, natural materials and a well-lit yard have been important for comfort.

The family wanted warmth and ambiance in the form of materials and colors for their home. The wooden surfaces offered a natural choice for decoration. White STRUCTURE panel surfaces create light to spaces and are perfect companion to black and natural wood.  When installing the panels, a well-maintained work pattern was important. Family didn’t want to use mouldings and from the end result can be seen the carpenter’s handprint. The ground floor of the house has large common areas, especially the lowered ceiling of the kitchen creating a nice atmosphere. The interior paneling of this roof is made of black KOO2 panel. The bathroom is the absolute gem of the home. The large windows overlooking the sea. The sensual atmosphere is created with modern tiling combined with the three-dimensional VIRE wall panel.
Photos by Johanna Lehtinen

STRUKTUURI sisustuspaneeli, valkoinen
Wall: STRUCTURE interior panel white / Ceiling: VIRE interior panel white
Wall: STRUCTURE interior panel white
Wall: STRUCTURE interior panel white / Ceiling: VIRE interior panel white
Wall and ceiling: VIRE interior panel translucent sand
Wall: USVA interior panel pearly grey
Wall: USVA interior panel pearly grey
Ceiling: KOO2 interior panel black
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