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Karisto School Center

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Karisto School Center

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The City of Lahti supports green growth by investing heavily in renewables and green infrastructure. When choosing to use wood as the predominant material for the new Karisto School and Daycare Center, the idea was to strengthen the local community spirit by reinforcing the identity of this area of wooden houses.

The load-bearing structure of the building uses cross-laminated timber (CLT), with concrete providing strong support for the building and a secure underground shelter. The external walls are constructed from six-meter-wide timber elements coated with Siparila TOPCOAT cladding.

The nail-free surface of TOPCOAT cladding gives a translucent tone to the façade, along with improved weather resistance. Thanks to the shape of the cladding panels, nails and staples in each panel are hidden beneath the next one, which prevents water and impurities from entering the wood. The use of industrially pre-painted TOPCOAT cladding also sped up this massive project as there was no need for painting on site after the installation.

In addition to the cladding, the roof structures are also made with timber. The elevations use 108 mm horizontal and vertical boards with a natural finish and the curved parts of the canopy are made with 25 x 75 mm boards, while the steeper curves use a combination of plywood and narrow wooden battens. Despite the fact that construction was accelerated by the use of the CLT elements, the end result has the feeling of a hand-built school thanks to the Siparila TOPCOAT cladding, which was installed on site.

Siparila wood siding, Karisto
Siparila wood cladding, Karisto
Siparila cladding, Karisto
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