Lapuan Kankurit Helsinki Store

Mana ja Takashi Kobayashi, IMA Design

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KOO2-interior panel

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Interior panel

The Lapuan Kankurit Helsinki Store is located in the Tori Quarter, a unique empire-style center in the heart of the Finnish capital between Helsinki Cathedral and the Market Square, and within a five-minute walk of the Central Railway Station and other major landmarks.

The design of the renovated shop was created by Tokyo-based IMA Design, whose lead designers Mana and Takashi Kobayashi have also designed Lapuan Kankurit’s Tokyo store and Lapua factory outlet. Lapuan Kankurit produces Nordic textile designs that are inspired by the pure, rugged nature of Finland, balancing the cool northern climate by weaving warmth and softness into its products.

The design of the store was inspired by the forest. With birch wood used for decoration, visitors have the opportunity to experience nature and enjoy a sense of being immersed in the forest. Forest bathing (metsäkylpy in Finnish or shinrin-yoku in Japanese) is a form of natural therapy that allows individuals to experience their surroundings with all of their senses through touch, observation and conscious breathing.

Siparila’s KOO2 interior panel was chosen as the material for the store, which makes use of a carefully crafted minimalistic and modern design to promote the natural beauty of the wood. The panels’ hidden fixing system creates smooth and uninterrupted surfaces with a durable, authentic and timeless result that allows shoppers to experience the colors and softness of the textiles in combination with the warmth of the wood.

KOO2 sisustuspaneeli, sävy: kuultava valkoinen koivu
KOO2 sisustuspaneeli, sävy: kuultava valkoinen koivu
KOO2 sisustuspaneeli, sävy: kuultava valkoinen koivu