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Star Arctic Hotel

Saariselkä, Lapland Finland
Mikko Juntura

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AITO-interior panel

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Interior panel

The Lapland, the beautiful area in Northern Finland, has arised an interest of the foreign tourists in the past few years. The unspoiled nature, northern lights surrounded by the silence is worth experiencing. In Lapland there has been paid attention to the modern architecture combining the design and ecology. In Star Arctic Hotel, located in Kaunispaa the clear lines and wood plays the major role.

The main idea in designing the hotel has been to create limitless view to the mountain landscape. Wooden decoration unites the beautiful nature to the inner spaces. Light wooden surfaces of AITO-panels create both harmonic and modern decoration which brings in the natural beauty of the wood. Wide AITO panels has been used throughout the hotel in natural, white and anthracite tones.

AITO sisustuslevy, sävy: antrasiitti
AITO sisustuslevy, sävy: käsittelemätön mänty
AITO sisustuslevy, sävyt: antrasiitti ja käsittelemätön mänty
AITO sisustuslevy: sävy: käsittelemätön mänty
AITO sisustuslevy, sävy: antrasiitti
STRUKTUURI sisustuspaneeli, sävy: kuultava hiekka
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