Siparila - Passion for Wood

Vesilahti Library

Tampere, Finland
Architects Maarit and Aarni Holttinen


Extra Wide Cladding TOPCOAT®-W

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A new wooden library was opened on May 29, 2018 in the municipality of Vesilahti near Tampere which is intended to become a common living room for the residents. The main theme of the design was to create a solid look for the building from wood alongside which glass surfaces have been used to bring light and vibrancy. The facade was paneled with a pre-painted Topcoat cladding 28 mm thick and 220 mm wide. The exterior cladding panels are surface treated with a translucent Poro-shade. The rest of the buildings in the center of Vesilahti are a traditional wooden houses. The lively and inviting form of the library was intended to bring a new look to the center but at the same time it had to be a natural part of the rest of the center. The design of the library was done in close cooperation with the residents of the municipality. The result was a modern unified space. There are no separate enclosed spaces in the library, but the glass walls divide the different spaces in the library. Their versatility has been considered in the library’s premises and it is possible for example to hold art exhibitions and film nights. The floor area of ​​the library is 771 m².

julkisivu TOPCOAT 28*220 liimattu kuusi, kuultava 5087
julkisivu TOPCOAT 28*220 paneeli liimattu kuusi, kuultava 5087
TOPCOAT paneeli 28*220 liimattu kuusi, kuultava 5087
puujulkisivu TOPCOAT 28*220 liimattu kuusi, kuultava 5087
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