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RAILO-interior panel

RAILO interior panels create lively and a rhythmic interior designs. Available in two beautiful water resistant finishes of Translucent Gray and Fresh White, RAILO interior panels are suitable for any room as well as ceilings in wet areas.
Classically elegant wooden surface

Fake groove lead the eye

The RAILO panel is a fresh home décor solution. RAILO’s clean design fits beautifully into a modern home while creating cozy and romantic atmospheres as well. The narrow valleys between panels can be skillfully used as an element of your design that leads the eye through the room. The easy RAILO installation system conceals nail heads, ensuring a clean un-interrupted wooden pattern. With RAILO, the possibilities are endless! You can panel the walls and ceilings of an entire room or create a single feature wall. Combine RAILO with other wider Siparila interior panels to create a cheerful ambiance and a unique look.

Fresh White — a durable white finish

This classic and timeless white is a fresh way to brighten a room and create a spacious illusion. A great fit for all types of rooms, ensure that in wet areas, “fresh white” paneling is accompanied by a mechanical fan system.

RAILO paneeli, valkoinen
RAILO paneeli, kuultava harmaa

Translucent Gray — a lively gray honoring the beauty of natural wood

Our RAILO translucent gray surface highlights the natural beauty of the wood by providing a soft colour over the genuine wood grain. This combination of lively patterns and colour creates warmth and coziness in the space and gives the impression of lath ceiling.

Nail-less Surfaces

RAILO interior panel are installed with the Siparila secret fastening system which houses nail heads neatly under the adjacent panel. RAILO interior panels are also end-matched which decreases the material loss during installation and creates beautiful and tight joints.

RAILO paneeli, kuultava harmaa
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