Siparila Oy grows to Finland’s biggest producer of wooden surface materials

Siparila Oy increases its production capacity by acquiring US Wood Oy in Kouvola. US Wood is the other big Finnish producer of ready painted exterior claddings besides Siparila.

  • Siparila becomes the biggest producer of wooden surface materials in Finland after the acquisition. Siparila is increasing the capacity of ready painted exterior claddings, states Juha Sojakka, CEO and the founder of Siparila Oy.

Annual turnover of Siparila Oy will grow to 33 million euros in 2018.

The popularity of wood construction accelerates growth

US Wood is producing similar ready painted exterior claddings with secret nailing profiles as Siparila, being efficient also in small production series which are required especially on domestic market.  US Wood has been acting solely on domestic market in Finland.

  • The acquisition consolidates our market position in Finland and supports export growth, according to Juha Sojakka.

US Wood Oy’s personnel will continue to serve Siparila. Siparila’s personnel will grow to 130 persons.

Siparila Oy has targeted to exports already during last recession. Currently about 40 % of total turnover is coming from exports and company’s aim is to further grow the share of export. Profiles without visible nails developed by Siparila are cost effective for builders and are also improving the weather resistance of the surfaces.

Currently there are building projects in Canada going on to build a holiday resort to Ontario and 200 wooden houses to Montreal.  During last years Siparila has delivered big housing projects also to Netherlands and to Denmark.

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