The 5 Best Uses for Nordic White Wood

Nordic white wood (a.k.a. spruce [Picea abies]) is one of the most versatile materials known to man and civilizations have made use of its durability for millennia – whether it be for building homes, boats or consuming its needles for medicinal use. Found in northern temperate and taiga regions, white wood is some of the oldest vegetation on earth, exemplified by Old Tjikko, a 9,500-year-old spruce located on Fulufjället Mountain in Sweden. The people of Scandinavia hold white wood in high regard. To celebrate the wonders of spruce, Siparila Oy brings you the 5 best uses for Nordic white wood.

tight and dense nordic white woodInstruments

Nordic white wood is an excellent material for building the soundboard for musical instruments. Guitars, violins, cellos as well as traditional Finnish instruments like the kantele, all benefit from the unique quality of the wood from our part of the world.


The shoots of Nordic white wood are a rich source of vitamin C. Pirates in the 17th and 18th century would make an alcoholic sugar-based beer from the tree to be consumed on long sea voyages to ward off scurvy, since meals generally consisted of dried meat. Also, in survival situations, the needles from Nordic white wood can be consumed directly or boiled into a tea to replace stores of vitamin C in the body.

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Nordic white wood actually makes for a great Christmas tree! In fact, many of us believe Santa Claus is a fellow Finn hailing from our country’s northern region of Lapland, just north of the Arctic Circle.


White wood (spruce) is one of the most popular woods used to make paper, thanks to its long fibres which bind together to make an incredibly durable material. Finland is one the world’s largest paper manufacturers, having produced 11,329 tons in 2011 alone. However, the cutting down of Nordic white wood is held to a high ethical and environmental standard, the same that we at Siparila hold in cultivating timber for our wood siding.

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Nordic white wood is an exceptional building material. In fact, early planes, including the one used by the Wright Brothers to make the first flight, were built out of spruce. Siparila wood siding uses only the finest spruce – Nordic white wood. Its superiority lies in the geography of where it’s grown, just below the Arctic Circle. This is because the short growing season and long winters causes short growth rings to form, which makes it incredibly durable. Spruce has been used in building for centuries. In Scandinavia you can still find wooden buildings that have stayed together for decades without any surface treatment. To prevent cracking and discoloration Siparila surfaces our wood with the newest wood working technology. Siparila wood siding can withstand the harshest of elements thanks to our patented Topcoat which ensures the long-term durability of our product on the exterior of your home. Not only will Siparila wood siding stand the test of time, but also looks amazing on any home by adding a classic rustic look and comes in a variety of colors.