Fully finished cladding panels with up to 15 years warranty

The safest, fastest and the most affordable way to install a durable façade for your building.

Fully finished cladding panels speed up the building process. You can install the panels any time of the year and they only need to be painted after 15 years. You will also avoid many risks regarding the exterior painting which can ruin your buildings cladding. In addition, you will improve your buildings weather resistance thanks to the panels concealed shape.
No further treatment on the site

High quality surface treatment

Siparila Topcoat® wood cladding ships ready to install and does not require further treatment once on the work site. Siparila Topcoat® cladding profiles have hidden fastening strips and are end-matched to create a clean and modern finish, resulting in a beautiful, flawless appearance. The locking profiles not only manage water and provide protection for your building, but also eliminate surface nail marks. Thicker profiles with a hidden fastening strips make Siparila Topcoat® cladding durable against harsh weather conditions and from outdoor elements, such as high winds. Siparila Topcoat® cladding’s durability also benefit from the naturally tough, dense, and straight-grained qualities of the Scandinavian wood is made from.

The advantages of fully finished cladding panels:

1. Safe and durable

Safe and durable, because the industrial surface treatment protects the panels from moist, mold and UV radiation.


2. Faster and easier

Faster and easier, because all you need to do is install them – no need for painting at the construction site except for the cut surfaces.

3. Affordable

Affordable, because you don’t have to pay for the painting.


4. Consistently beautiful finishing

Consistently beautiful finishing, thanks to the uniform fully finished result and concealed shape of the panels.

Industrial surface treatment ensures a durable surface

The thick and nail free TOPCOAT® cladding panels can endure longer the wearing of natural forces than the traditional nailed on cladding.

The industrial surface treatment in dry and standardized factory conditions provides the wood with the best protection against weather, mold and abrasion.

The industrial surface treatment protects against moisture, mold and UV radiation:

  1. Priming within 60 hours of planing ensures the best absorption of preservatives to prevent blue-stains and molding
  2. Hard coating of wood in dry conditions in our factory

The final protection of the panels is given by their concealed form. Thanks to the shape, the nails and staples are hidden underneath the next panel, which prevents water and impurities from entering the wood’s cell.

Valmiiksi maalattu, piilokiinnitettävä Topcoat-S ulkoverhouspaneeli. Puukuokka Jyväskylä.

Faster and easier because all you need to do is install it – painting needs to be done only on the cut surfaces of the panels

Your only job on site is to install the panels, because the fully finished exterior cladding panels have a ready-to-use paint finish. The concealed attachment keeps the nails or hooks hidden underneath the next panel, preventing them from damaging the paint or allowing water to enter the wood. The cut surfaces can be painted with a spot paint of the same shade.

The facade is fully finished as soon as you have installed the last panel.

  • Speeds up the construction and site turnaround times
  • Avoid the risks of outdoor painting
  • Install in the middle of winter or in the middle of summer – rain or sunshine
  • You will not pay long rack rentals as weather will not affect installation time
  • Make easier the site planning and scheduling

The most affordable because you don’t have to pay the cost of painting

TOPCOAT® exterior paneling is fully finished, so you don’t have to spend money on surface painting on site and there also won’t be any need for maintenance painting after 3-5 years.

Fully finished panels at the time of purchase are more expensive than primed panels. However, don’t be fooled by this, as for the inexpensive primed panels you will have to pay an additional 1,000 € for paint costs and a 200- 500 € rack rental. You will avoid these costs when using fully finished exterior cladding panels.

The loss of material is also lower with our products, since almost all TOPCOAT® panels are end-matched. Up to 10 panels out of 100 will go to waste if they are not end-matched, while with the end-matching only 1-3 out of 100 panels will be lost.

Thanks to the end-matching, the panels can be attached directly to each other and the panels are no longer tied to the ribs.

The fully finished panel is the most cost-effective panel - take a look at the cost statements below

The prices used in these calculations are indicative and the final price should be checked with the retailer of the product.

Valmiiksi maalattu, piilokiinnitettävä Topcoat-S ulkoverhouspaneeli

Evenly beautiful finish thanks to the fully finished result and concealed mounting

You get a completely nail-free façade because the shape of the panels keeps the nails and staples hidden under the counterpoint. TOPCOAT® exterior cladding panels are made of durable northern spruce which does not twist due to its thick shape.

In addition, you get a 10 or 15 year warranty on the fully finished exterior cladding when you follow the warranty instructions.

4 Steps to a finished exterior cladding:

  1. Choose your favorite cladding panel from our TOPCOAT® range
  2. Install the panels
  3. The exterior cladding is complete when the last panel is in place
  4. Maintenance painting should be done after 10 or 15 years, depending on the product

The risks you will avoid when using the ready painted exterior panel:

1. Moisture does not penetrate the wood cell

Moisture does not penetrate the wood cell at the nail heels because they are hidden under the end-matching. On over nailed panels, the nail heads break the surface of the paint, which lets moisture into the wood.

2. Mold does not stay under the paint layers

Mold does not stay under the paint layers, because the industrial surface treatment that is done in our factory prevents mold damage.

3. Painting weather does not ruin your exterior cladding

You will not be able to ruin the exterior cladding of your house because of its poor painting, because fully finished exterior cladding panels do not need to be painted on site. Only cutting surfaces require treatment or paint.

4. Construction does not stop due to waiting for good weather conditions for painting

Construction does not stop due to waiting for good weather conditions for painting: If the humidity is above 80%, the paint will not dry evenly and may crack. Too cold or too hot weather prevents an even application of paint. Sunshine dries the paint too quickly and does not have enough time to adhere to the wood.

5. Paint does not flake

Paint does not flake or crack due to incorrect paint, painting technique or bad weather conditions when applying the paint.

Installation is easy

Siparila TOPCOAT® panels are concealed cladding panels. The fully finished exterior cladding speeds up the construction process, and with the concealed nailing of panels, the only step in construction is the installation. TOPCOAT® panels are also end-matched, allowing for flexible joints as installation progresses. Exterior cladding panels do not require surface treatment on site. Fully finished exterior cladding panels can be used in both new and renovation construction.

You get a 10 or 15 year warranty on TOPCOAT® panels

With almost 20 years of experience, we rely 100% on our products. However, we acknowledge that this may be the first time you are considering using our products. Your confidence is hard to redeem overnight, but 10 years should be enough. That’s why we offer our TOPCOAT® cladding at least a 10-year warranty when you comply with our warranty terms.

Architects, professional builders and households trust Siparila.

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