Why choose Siparila Topcoat® Wood Siding?

Installing the right siding is an important decision for any homeowner. The material you choose defines the look of your home and also work towards protecting your home all year round. Wood is a durable and sustainable choice for siding material. Trees grow slowly in the Scandinavian soil due to the cold climate, which produces solid trees with tight growth rings and a straight grain. This makes the wood stronger, lighter and more durable than others. Siparila Topcoat siding is made from the top of the tree where the quality of lumber is premium.

Protection against water damage

Siparila Topcoat painting system reinforces the wood’s strength and resilience. This process involves treating the fresh wood in a moisture, air, temperature-controlled facility. The wood siding is then primed after it is milled. This allows the coating to seep deep into the pores of the wood for better protection. Lastly, the wood is treated in our facility with a proprietary paint application that gives it a sleek finish. Siparila wood siding has also invisible fastenings which increases the durability of the siding. The siding has a concealed mounting system. There is no visible nail heads on the façade, no touching-up the nail holes, no nails popping out over time or decay around the nail because of the water penetration.

siparila siding is produced in Finland

A Cleaner Look with Less Material Waste

Every Siparila Topcoat® siding piece is end-matched to allow for flexible joint placement; not being bound to stud placement during installation ultimately decreases material loss 5-10%. End-matched profiles also increase the siding’s durability as each piece is painted on all sides which, when tightly fastened to another, creates an invisible seam that will not interrupt the desired pattern of your design. As a result, fixed lengths and end-matching provide a beautiful and durable wooden façade.

High Quality Surface Treatment with 15 Year Warranty

Siparila Topcoat® wood siding does not require further treatment once on the work site. This saves painting cost and speeds up the building process. Because of the quality of our wood fibre and paint, there is no need to repaint for the duration of the 15 year warranty.

siparila extra thick siding

More Stable Structures

End-matched siding with tongue and groove technology creates more stable structures by reinforcing walls and providing extra wind and storm resilience. Additionally, Siparila Oy’s extra-thick profiles offer a heavier nailing strip which provides increased durability during installation and for decades to come. This is complimented by the naturally tough, dense, and straight-grained qualities of the Scandinavian wood it is made from.

end-matched siding

Faster Installation

Because Siparila Topcoat® siding ships in fixed lengths, installers do not have to contend with random or short length pieces. This makes installation easier and faster while mitigating waste and damage by eliminating the need to sort the siding on site. Longer fixed lengths also help to plan the place of the joints beforehand.

Siparila topcoat siding is packed in bundles

Easier Material Calculations

Siparila Topcoat® fixed length wood siding helps installers calculate the amount of the siding required for a project more precisely. There is no need to estimate yield from random lengths. The siding arrives packed in bundles containing the exact number of pieces and lengths, ensuring accuracy of material on hand. This new packing method also reduces material loss resulting in a competitive advantage for the installer.

Various Profiles and Styles

The tongue and groove system allows for complete control and flexibility in the pattern and design of your building’s wooden façade. Installers can be innovative with this versatile material to create designs like herringbone. We give you the power to be creative.

siparila siding has various styles

Invisible Fastening

The Siparila Topcoat®  wood siding tongue and groove design has been developed to enable invisible fastenings. The tongue and groove fastening side of each panel is hidden underneath the next panel which not only creates a smooth façade but also increases the siding’s durability as water cannot seep through nail heads and damage the wood.

Siparila has fixed lenght siding

Safe and Easy Transportation

Fixed lengths are easy to load and transport. Each bundle is tightly packaged, making them easy to manage and move within a construction site. This is especially useful for large building projects that require multiple bundles and materials to be stored at various points on the site.

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