Build your facade ready – even in the middle of winter

It’s time to forget the old restrictions in the timing of facade work. With Siparila’s exterior cladding panel, you can create a flawless and durable wooden surface, whatever the weather.

Planning and scheduling work phases in construction projects as efficiently as possible is critically important in terms of costs. The bigger the project, the more expensive the schedule extension usually becomes.

The change of seasons has typically been the most decisive factor in scheduling construction projects. Painting facades is one of the work steps that are still impossible to do with quality when the weather isn’t suitable.

We can’t change the weather, but we can create facade products suitable for any weather. You don’t have to do all the work steps at the construction site, but the facade panels can be manufactured in the factory as ready-to-use as possible, with easy installation in mind.

The ready-painted surface of the exterior cladding panels enables winter installation

Siparila’s ready-painted exterior cladding panels are an easy way to ensure the smoothness of the construction project until completion. Painting a facade requires a suitable temperature and dry weather to succeed, but you can install ready-painted panels anytime.

Using ready-painted panels enables the construction process to proceed regardless of the weather, but at the same time, it also improves the quality. The final result is not dependent on the weather, and you will avoid the risks moisture brings to the painting phase. The exterior cladding is weatherproof immediately after installation, and even a sudden downpour can’t spoil the surface.

Panels painted in dry factory conditions are always of uniform paint quality. They have the desired color tone and appearance, and the industrial surface treatment guarantees protection against moisture, mold, and UV radiation.

With a ready-painted panel, you save on total costs

Best of all, ready-painted panels bring savings to the construction budget. Although a ready-painted panel has a slightly higher price than an unpainted one, the situation turns the other way around when you calculate the total cost of the panels and painting. According to our cost calculations, using a ready-painted exterior cladding panel will be cheaper than using a primed or intermediate-painted panel.

You can also save money through the fact that the implementation of the construction project stays on schedule and the quality is excellent. When installing exterior cladding, you will avoid unpleasant surprises, which practically always cost money.

Hidden fastening increases the quality and smoothness of the installation

In Siparila’s exterior cladding panels, the ready-painted surface isn’t all that eases the installation, but we have taken it further. The ready-painted panels also have a hidden fastening system, meaning no visible nails on the facade. It makes the finished surface better-looking but, at the same time, ensures that water or impurities can’t damage the wood even after the fastening phase.

Thanks to the end matching of the panels, you don’t have to cut the panels following the rudder boards. Instead, you can install each panel to continue directly from the end of the previous one, and the joint remains firmly in place. Thanks to the end punching, the material waste remains minimal – and again, you save time and money.

Siparila TOPCOAT and GOLD PRO – builder’s favorite products even in winter

Using TOPCOAT and GOLD PRO exterior cladding panels, facade work runs smoothly all year round. It is easy to make the wooden surface uniform, flawless and stylish. All you have to do is to install the panels – and the facade is ready.

We give at least a 10-year warranty for both products. If you want to know more, feel free to contact us.

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