Siparila's innovation for construction and renovation - Custom painted and cut to size window mullion with aluminium moulding to speed up installation on site.

With the new window installation solution developed by Siparila, you can finish your windows quickly and effortlessly. With a specially shaped and custom-made aluminium moulding, the pre-painted and cut to size window mullion fits easily into place for a tight finish. The window mullion solution is made to the customer's specifications. The window sealant solution allows for a neat finish without the need for wedges or separate sealants. The end result is always neat and tidy.

Aluminium list and window mix tailored to customer requirements

With the aluminium moulding, the window sealant fits easily into place and no separate sealants are required. The aluminium slats are manufactured according to the customer's dimensional requirements. The basic colour of the Siparila window glazing solution is white, but it can also be tinted to the desired colour if required.

Finishing the end result

The window sill board fits neatly into place and the end result is neat and tidy. The aluminium strip minimises problems caused by the natural weathering of the wood. Siparila's window glazing solution is suitable for both modern window glazing and for use with traditional fascia boards.

The benefits of Siparila's smygrowing solution

  • Quick and easy installation
  • A finished result
  • Suitable for both modern window fitting and for use with traditional window sills
  • Improved weather resistance