Kouvola Housing Fair shows birch in interior design

At the 2019 Housing Fair in Kouvola, the interiors will feature broken light tones and Finnish birch. In addition to aesthetics, the interior materials aim to create empowering spaces in the midst of hectic everyday life. According to international studies, wood surfaces used in interiors have clear regenerative effects. Wooden furniture has been shown to lower blood pressure and pulse rates and reduce stress hormones, among other things.  

The surprising health benefits of wood

Wood has very many and surprising health benefits. Its acoustic excellence has long been known, but now the psychological, tactile and olfactory benefits of wood have also been discovered.

- Studies have shown that touching different natural materials can calm people down. Wooden furniture has also been shown to reduce stress," says Sinikka Huhta-aho of Siparila, a manufacturer of wooden interior panels.

It has also been found that the more wood used in the visible interior of a house, the better the indoor air humidity stays within the optimum range for health, which is between 30% and 55%. A constant indoor humidity also balances the room temperature and makes the room more comfortable to be in.

Asthmatics and atopic dermatitis sufferers also benefit from wood furnishings.
-Wood oils and volatile compounds from wood materials slow down the reproduction of mites. The use of wood materials can therefore reduce the harmful effects of mites on human health," says Sojakka.

Natural birch takes over in interior design

Light birch is particularly interesting for home decoration now. In Finland, we are used to seeing birch in furniture designed by Alvar Aalto, but as a hard and durable material, it is also well suited to ceilings and walls in the home.

-The tree brings a peaceful counterbalance to the hectic and busy life of today. Real wood soothes the senses and helps to create a pleasant acoustic. Light birch also adds a touch of luxury to the home, says interior designer Linda Baki.

In the Baki-designed Unto the Screen House a wide variety of birch wood surfaces have been used extensively in different rooms. In the living room, a vertically mounted three-dimensional Vire panel adds vibrancy and warmth to the flat painted surfaces. In the bedroom, Baki has created a serene and calm atmosphere with the birch Pala panels, which are glued to the wall. The birch wood surfaces are also continued in the utility room and toilets with the solid KOO panels' stripy surface.

-Wood offers a wide range of different shapes and finishes for the interior designer. The best thing is, of course, that wood is an ecological local material and easy to recycle after use," says Baki.

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